RealSimple: How to Balance Working From Home and the Kids’ Remote Learning (Without Losing It)

Published on RealSimple. Written by Lindsay Tigar


You need realistic coping techniques to make the juggling act of working from home and proctoring your kids' remote learning a little more manageable. We spoke with educators, psychologists, and parents like you for some strategies they swear by. Take a deep breath, sip some coffee, and (hopefully) get inspired.

"Here's the deal: We all know routines matter for kids' (and, frankly, anyone's) productivity. But during the pandemic, when everything and anything can change without notice, having a schedule can feel like a waste of energy. That may be true on some days; however, it's still important to make one. Elizabeth Brunner, a mom of two and founder of StereoType Kids, says having a loose blueprint of your day will make you feel more in control than winging it. This doesn't mean mapping out every second— but do create chunks of time for work and chunks of time for play."

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