No Limits No Labels Podcasts: Dismissing Stereotypes with Elizabeth Brunner

Live on “No Limits No Labels,” August 5, 2021 | Episode 196

No Limits No Labels, Sarah Boxx Interviews Elizabeth Brunner

"On today's episode of the No Labels, No Limits podcast we welcome Elizabeth Brunner. Elizabeth has been examining our collective perceptions of fashion. It’s been a process of learning and unlearning the ‘rules’ – a journey that’s been deeply personal. That journey began as a young girl when she would watch as her mother sew her clothes.

Her next big shift was when her own boy-girl twins were growing up and watching them dress themselves. She was in awe of the way they joyfully broke all the ‘rules’ of gendered clothing, blending their wardrobes together with a sense of style that could only be described as ‘free-for-all.’ It was the ultimate unlearning of the rules that we’ve all been taught about gendered fashion at a young age. The lesson felt deeply personal and Elizabeth knew there was no turning back. From there, StereoType was born.

She launched StereoType as a way to share this joyful, blended vision of kids’ clothing and to advocate for self-expression of all humans, especially the small ones. By breaking fashion rules, disregarding the boundaries we put around what boys and girls should wear, we encourage a more playful, creative, expressive sense of self for everyone." 

Listen on: No Limits No Labels

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