Em/Powered By Women Podcast: Individuality + Equality in Fashion

Honoring Individuality & Challenging Gender Norms
w/ StereoType Kids Founder, Elizabeth Brunner

In our latest podcast interview on Em/Powered By Women, podcast host Krystal Jugarap sat down with Elizabeth Brunner, founder of StereoType for an inspiring conversation about the origin story of the brand, how she accepts criticism, and the way that Elizabeth's girl/boy twins are inspiring her to step outside her comfort zone. A conversation you won't want to miss!

"Inspired by her girl & boy twins, Elizabeth Brunner created StereoType Kids after witnessing them borrowing from each other's closets & mixing & matching items with their own. This idea of intermingling two traditionally different gender styles was later coined by the founder as "blended fashion" & has become the foundation of the brand's distinct designs. As a company that continues to challenge traditional thought, Elizabeth is often confronted with critics. However, with incredible poise, grace & professionalism, she responds not with contempt but with a genuine desire to uncover the root cause of discomfort & if that can't be met, than an understanding that it's okay to disagree. With her children at the forefront of everything she does, Elizabeth is a force to be reckoned with. She continues to inspire me as she keeps her kids grounded in who they authentically are & her brand grounded in it's mission to honor & promote individuality for all people."

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