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Sena and Yua

Meet StereoType Kids Ambassadors Sena and Yua. Individually creative and together amplified! These two dynamic kiddos are models that bring their talent and energy to local and national fashion brands. When their work is done, they love rocking their favorite StereoType Kids designs on the daily — the perfect blend of comfort and style.
Beyond their fashion sense, Sena and Yua demonstrate compassion for people and the planet through their dedication of supporting local homeless causes. They believe that small acts of kindness can truly lead to big change the world. We couldn’t agree more! - Discover how they express themselves to the fullest!

What is your name? Sena and Yua

What’s your favorite song? "Where You Are" from Disney's Moana.

What is your favorite animal? Cats

Would you rather have a flying magic carpet or your own personal robot? Why? Flying carpet so we can go to anywhere we want quickly, especially to visit all out family thats live far away.

What do you do when you have a bad day? Relax, family movie night, and eating yummy things.

What’s your favorite thing to wear? The StereoType Kids HotPink Boombox Blazer, supporting our love for comfort and stylish unique fashion.

Do you have a cause that you love to support? Homeless ministry

Would you rather eat your favorite food or watch your favorite movie every day? Eat favorite yummy food

Share your favorite joke. Where does pencil lives? Pennsylvania!

Why do you want to be a brand ambassador for StereoType? StereoType style is very unique, one of a kind, and we love the StereoType logo.

Share something about yourself you’d like people to know about you. We have mixed two similar but different Asian culture (Korea and Japan) background and are growing up in Bay Area.

What’s your IG handle? @Yua_Sena_ShineTheWorld

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