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    You were born to stand out!

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    Gender-inclusive kids clothing
    made in San Francisco

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Wear your truth and
turn up the volume on your style

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what we stand for


    Proudly crafted in the heart of SF, in collaboration with local manufacturers, our designs embody the vibrant spirit of our HQ’s home. If a city could embody a rainbow, it would be San Francisco. Inspired by the city’s many colors, we’re on a mission to challenge stereotypes and celebrate the beauty of diversity in fashion.

  • Kids Self expression is amplified in style with new Camo Zip Shirt and Hot Pink Boombox Knit Beanie Cap

    Inclusive Design

    StereoType represents the limitless joy of fashion, where self-expression knows no boundaries. Our mission goes beyond selling clothing; we exist to shift industry rules, defy societal expectations, and empower everyone to embrace their individual unique style.

  • Cofounder of StereoType Kids, Jacob expresses himself freely lying on the grass, wearing brand tagline "Me Is All I Want To Be" T-Shirt

    Created Sustainably

    We are dedicated to sustainable, innovative designs. Our products are made with quality, eco-friendly materials every step of the way. Locally designed and manufactured, we prioritize sourcing organic and recycled materials whenever possible, underscoring our commitment to a creating a positive impact on the planet.

  • Manufactured Ethically

    Our commitment to ethical practices means that we ensure fair wages and safe working conditions for the workers involved in the manufacturing process of our garments. We are dedicated to providing safer, fairer, and more sustainable fashion choices.


Sustainably Made

the Reviews are in

"My son loves this blazer. It's comfortable but looks very stylish and fun. My son dresses it up with shiny pants and dresses it down with jeans or shorts. He receives so many compliments when he wears it too."

Nimisha G.

"My seven year old will ONLY wear this hoodie. It is his staple city layer that’s easy for me to carry, soft for him to wear, black (his favorite color), and the gold trim on the hood adds a cool color/texture. It’s been his everyday hoodie for almost 2 years and somehow is still in perfect condition. I should probably get a new one so I do not have to do laundry as often :)"

Trish L.

"Make this for adults! My daughter loves this blazer and I can see why. It's really stylish and very cozy. She wears it with everything from jeans, to shorts, to dresses. I seriously want one in my size. She gets compliments on it all the time."

Jen P.

"Easy to order and great delivery. My daughter KC loved her first shirt we ordered, she wore it so much she actually out grew it. Time for the next size up. Thank you Stereo Type!"


"My son loves the Hero skirt/cape. It's versatile and the quality is amazing. The fabric feels really nice to touch and folds nicely. He enjoys wearing it on both sides, depending on his mood. It's also easy to put on and take off so he can go from skirt to cape quickly."


"This is my son's favorite and most requested piece of clothing. It takes him anywhere. Great for school, playground, whatever. The skirt we never knew we needed and now can't live without!"


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