About StereoType

We like to see the world – and ask the questions – as a child might. And like our little ones, we’d like to see our clothes as a colorful kaleidoscope of endless possibility. 

We imagine a world where humans - small and large - are free to dress in ways that express who we really are. 

StereoType is a line of kids clothing that envisions a new world free from limits on expression and joy. Neither gender-neutral nor unisex, StereoType breaks down boundaries and blends these ideas together to create fun and functional clothing to support a child’s own unique style. Because being true to one’s style should never be limited by the gendered “rules” around what we should wear.

We’re here to elevate childhood in all its wonder, and inspire its potential through new ideas. Because wearing sparkles with camouflage and dinosaurs just looks good. And if it looks good, if it brings us joy, if it makes us want to do a little dance when we get dressed every day, then isn’t it worth wearing?

The answer to that question, no matter your age, is a resounding YES!