We're here to elevate childhood in all its wonder, and inspire its potential through new ideas.

  • Meet our founder

    Elizabeth Brunner

    For much of her life Elizabeth has been immersed in fashion. At a young age she became fascinated with clothing, observing her mother sew while dressing her Barbie dolls with leftover scrap fabric from her mother's sewing projects. Eventually, Elizabeth pursued her dream of designing clothing by studying fashion design at California College of the Arts, graduating with a BFA in 2007. After living in London and working as intern at the prestigious design firm Pentagram, Elizabeth cultivated her viewpoint on design and society while exploring the vibrant culture of Europe.  Not long after graduating, Elizabeth launched her first clothing line, Piece x Piece, as a response to material waste in the fashion industry by utilizing sample discards to create one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted garments.

    But it wasn't until she observed her young twins dressing themselves that Elizabeth realized the true power of self-expression through fashion. Her daughter loved exploring the outdoors wearing a sports jersey and dinosaur shorts, while her son happily twirled around climbing trees in sparkling dresses. This experience was pivotal for Elizabeth. It made her question the societal "rules" about what boys and girls should wear and committed her to explore alternative paths to supporting children and enabling their own personal style, free from labels and boundaries. She became determined to create a brand that celebrated individuality, creativity, and self-expression for children – and adults.

    And thus, StereoType was born.

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  • Co founder Chloe Brunner

    Chloe is one half of a dynamic duo that loves coming up with creative ideas for StereoType. She loves spending time with family, making up new games, watching 80s movies, practicing magic tricks, inventing new recipes, and of course playing with her best friend Jacob.

    Her inspiration is found everywhere, especially in nature where she likes to spend a lot of her time examining her surroundings. Black is her favorite color and you can find her climbing trees daily.

  • Co founder Jacob Brunner

    Jacob is also one half of a dynamic duo that never met a blank piece of paper he didn’t like. His passion for drawing and creating is expressed in many ways, but his favorite is pen and paper.

    He enjoys crafting, anything Japanese, reading manga, learning about anime, and climbing trees with his best friend Chloe. Jacob loves pink, purple and anything that sparkles. He dresses to impress only one person – himself, and it shows.

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  • Woman-owned

    Welcome to StereoType, where fashion is a calling that aligns with a greater vision and purpose in life. Together, we can redefine what it means to be stylish, inclusive, and environmentally-conscious.
  • Local & Sustainable

    Our garments are proudly made in San Francisco using eco-friendly materials, ensuring that they not only inspire self-expression, but also leave a positive impact on the planet. Together, we can make a difference.
  • Manufactured Ethically

    Our commitment to ethical practices means that we ensure fair wages and safe working conditions for the workers involved in the manufacturing process of our garments. We are dedicated to providing safer, fairer, and more sustainable fashion choices.

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