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Vivienne Rose


Meet StereoType Ambassador Vivienne Rose. Vivi is a traveling model who has done work for many popular and household brands, walked NYFW runway shows, filmed fashion projects, and participated in various fashion events.
Find out what she loves to wear, what she does when she has a bad day, and what her favorite joke is!

What is your name? Vivienne Rose

How old are you? I am 11 years old

What’s your favorite song? My current favorite is "Cold" by Faux Pas (my brother)

What is your favorite animal? Penguin

Would you rather have a flying magic carpet or your own personal robot? Why? I'd rather have a magic carpet but only if its the one from Aladdin.

What do you do when you have a bad day? When I have a bad day, I give myself pep talks.

What’s your favorite thing to wear? I like to wear anything cool looking + leg warmers. I love black in fashion.

Do you have a cause that you love to support? Anti-Homophobia and trafficking

Would you rather eat your favorite food or watch your favorite movie every day? I'd rather watch my favorite movie!

Share your favorite joke. Why didn't the plushy finish his dessert? Because he was stuffed!

Why do you want to be a brand ambassador for StereoType? Because I love the clothes and their mission to stop gender labeling kids is something I believe in.

Share something about yourself you’d like people to know about you. I like DC comics and anime. I've been to 13 countries. I know every country's flag. I speak 4 languages with varying fluency.

What’s your IG handle? @iam.viviennerose

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