Ask Elizabeth Anything - What is blended fashion?

Elizabeth Brunner, Founder of StereoType Kids wears a Blended Fashion look she created with elements: StereoType Baseball Cap, Black Necktie, Bejeweled Sparkle Chunky Heels, Poplin ButtonUp, and Blazer. Key pieces nod to a traditional menswear style now updated to reflect the future of fashion that includes both feminine and masculine elements for a truly #BLENDED fashion style.

Elizabeth Brunner, Founder of StereoType answers questions about what 'blended fashion' means.

Dear Elizabeth,

You mention blended fashion a lot on your website and social channels and how your own kids like to share clothing. Can you get more specific with what blended fashion means and how I can try it out with my own kids?

- Clothing-Curious


Dear Clothing-Curious,

I would love to describe blended fashion in more detail. Let me start with how I came up with it as a term blended fashion. When I first had the idea for StereoType it was with a simple vision of removing barriers around clothing that don’t really exist in what boys and girls “should” wear. After watching my then very young twins picking out their own clothing from each other’s dressers, I found so much joy in witnessing the combinations they would put together. It didn’t matter if the clothes were made for boys or girls, they wore what they were attracted to and were totally happy doing it. I also didn’t stop them or “correct” their clothing choices, they picked clothing based on what they were drawn to.

It made me pause and think about what they were really doing, and it inspired me to also be bolder when it comes to dressing. I started to realize that blending both masculine and feminine clothes together as a more “blended look” is so much fun! I did a photoshoot recently to show how to dress in a blend of gendered clothing to create a look that is truly your own.

Our kids are the best teachers when it comes to dressing. So let them pick out what they want to wear regardless of the gender it’s intended for and don’t hold them back. You don’t have to spend money to try a blended look either if you do a clothing swap with a friend, sibling, or neighbor. You could even open up your own closet and ask your kids to pick out what they love. I promise you, it will be so insightful and fun to see what they are drawn to. Kids know instinctively what they love regardless of who it was made for and I think we can all take a lesson in picking out clothing that makes you feel good and brings you joy.