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What is Blended Fashion?


Blended fashion goes beyond “gender neutral” for a look that’s bright, unique, and anything but basic.

A strappy tank top with dino print shorts. A blazer and a dress. At StereoType, CEO and designer Elizabeth Brunner is honing in on the concept of “blended fashion” Unlike “gender neutral,” which focuses on basics, blended fashion is designed to be playful, personality-driven, and glitter-bedecked. It takes what makes clothes fun — prints, patterns, cuts — and allows your kids (and you) to play and get creative.

And best of all — there are no rules. Instead, there are four suggestions for how to blend:

  1. Take Advantage of Hand-Me-Downs

    Elizabeth discovered blended fashion when she saw her boy-girl twins treat each other’s closets as their own. As they swapped tutus, superhero shirts, and more, she realized just how silly “boys” and “girls” clothes could be. Having siblings share clothes, or taking your nephew’s hand-me-downs for your daughter, are all ways to expand your child’s wardrobe and observe what fits your child well, what your child likes, and what clothes can withstand wear-and-tear.

  2. Mix and Match

    One of the best things about blended fashion is that this philosophy allows your kids to dress for their mood and their day. Sometimes, the glitter-and-sparkle bedecked pieces kids gravitate toward aren’t practical for a day spent outdoors. Blended fashion allows your kids to choose what they love, and pair it with something that may be easier for them to move, jump, and wiggle in.

  3. Pay Attention to Comfort

    Grown ups may sacrifice comfort for aesthetics (hello, sky-high heels) but for kids, being able to twirl, cartwheel, and jump is everything. Notice what your kids say they like (or don’t like) about clothes and be mindful when you pick new pieces. For example, some girl-gendered clothes may be cut more narrowly than a similar product marketed for boys. This can bother some kids who like a little room, other kids may find that a narrower waistband simply fits better. Paying attention to how things fit and what your kids choose again and again can help you find the brands and cuts that work best for your unique child.

  4. Play With the Seasons

    Blended fashion breaks traditional seasonal rules, too. Experiment with leggings under shorts and tank tops over sweaters. Allow your kids to wear their warm weather faves in the winter, then add a few more layers for a look that’s unique to them. Blended fashion doesn’t just break the rules — it bends them to accommodate all kids, all looks, and all moods. Blended fashion isn’t asking you to toss the glitter — where’s the fun in that? Instead, blended fashion sees clothes as endlessly adaptable, a unique way to expand your little one’s closet and create endless looks for play time, school time, or any time.

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