Thrive Global: Elizabeth Brunner of StereoType - “Keep going, even when things get hard”

Published on Thrive Global, written by Candice Georgiadis

Elizabeth Brunner of StereoType: “Keep going, even when things get hard”

"Keep going, even when things get hard. When I was starting my first business, Piece x Piece, I was feeling unsure about all of it, and feeling really challenged by what the next steps for the business should be and my husband, who’s a long-time entrepreneur, gave me this advice. He explained to me the importance of moving through challenges without letting them stop you. Many people are really afraid to fail, so they don’t even start. He explained to me that challenges are going to arise and test you but it isn’t a bad thing, as long you keep moving forward. There’s always a way to figure it out and move on."

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