Pink News: StereoType Is The Gender-Free Clothing Brand Aiming To ‘Empower’ Kids

Published on PinkNews. Written by Jonny Yates

StereoType is the new gender-free clothing brand for kids and teenagers to “express themselves authentically”

"The clothing brand, which is based in San Francisco aims to “empower kids” with their gender-free apparel. “No other kids clothing brand has a skirt that’s made for both boys and girls,” the brand says. There’s also the Hero Skirt, which is their imaginative, dress-up favorite as it’s a skirt that turns into a cape.

It wasn’t an easy decision to start a new business as a mom of very active boy/girl twins. But watching them share clothing from a very young age and mixing and matching items from each other’s wardrobes planted a seed in me. And that idea overtime began to grow bigger and bigger. My twins love to share clothing and their gender never stopped them from putting on what made them feel happy. And I never stopped them either."

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We are so excited to be featured in The Pink News, a media publication that is supporting and campaigning "for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, helping to deliver transformative change in the UK and worldwide", for over 17 years. As a leading influential media publication their mission remains the same “to inform, inspire change and empower people to be themselves.” CHEERS TO THAT!

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