Inspired Grownups Podcast: Breaking Boundaries & Blending Kids Fashion

Breaking Boundaries & Blending Kids Fashion with Elizabeth Brunner

In our new feature on podcast "Inspired Grownups" live on March 21, 2023 host Alana Banana speaks with Elizabeth Brunner, founder of StereoType on the topic "Breaking Boundaries & Blending Kids Fashion" where Elizabeth opens up to share her personal story that led to a deeper understanding of her own beliefs and how she was able to move beyond them. You won’t want to miss this one!

"This conversation is so much more than talking about kids clothes. It's about being an advocate for our children, following the strong impulses to create something more in our life and career, conscious parenting and conscious living.

Elizabeth is the Founder and CEO of StereoType, a pioneering gender-free kids' fashion brand that aims to break-free from traditional gendered clothing by creating what she coined as "blended fashion" — a mix of girl and boy esthetics that are equal in value and defined by no one. Inspired by her girl-boy twins to start StereoType, Elizabeth would observe her twins who at a young age would often naturally be drawn to wear pieces from each others' closets to create their own unique blended fashion style that authentically represented who they are and how they wanted to dress. From watching her twins dress, Elizabeth was inspired by the way they joyfully broke the rules of traditional dressing and soon realized it was time to unlearn the rules of gendered fashion. She did this by supporting and encouraging her twins to discover their individuality by embracing a blended fashion approach where any piece of clothing could be worn by any child, regardless of gender."

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