Marin Magazine: San Francisco-Based StereoType’s Blended Fashion Collection Allows Kids to Express Themselves Without Gender Constraints

Published in Marin Magazine. Written By Lotus Abrams 

Who says boys can’t wear skirts, and girls should only wear pink? Not Elizabeth Brunner, the San Francisco-based designer and founder of fashion-forward children’s clothing company StereoType, which launched late last year.

"StereoType’s “blended fashion” clothing is intended to celebrate kids’ individuality and freedom of expression by blending traditional ideas of boys’ and girls’ wear. The company’s first capsule collection, shipping in August, includes a blazer, hoodie, sweatpants, leggings, graphic tees, an athletic skirt and accessories. We recently sat down with Brunner — whose own boy-girl twins inspired the line (and model the clothes on the company’s website) — to learn more about what blended fashion is, and how StereoType intends to empower kids to express themselves in how they choose to dress." 

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