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Yahoo!Life: Why can't little boys wear pink? The double standard in baby fashion

StereoType Kids
 was founded by Elizabeth Brunner, mom of boy/girl twins, with an explicit mission to break fashion rules with its gender-free clothing collection. When Brunner's twins were young, her son was interested in skirts and dresses while her daughter gravitated toward camo and baseball hats. As a parent, she wanted to support her children; as a designer, she was inspired to create a clothing company where “unisex” didn’t rely on neutral colors and patterns.


Brunner was in the unique position of seeing how differently society reacted to each of her twins. “My daughter, being more masculine in her choices, wouldn't get much comment," she tells Yahoo Life. "But my son, dressing in a skirt, would get more looks or people trying to ‘correct’ him, telling him that skirts are for girls. When you put labels on children you limit them. I didn't want my children limited.”

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StereoType Kids is happy to be featured in this inspiring conversation on Yahoo!Life about the common stereotypes boys face and how pushing through  barriers ingrained in us, can create a more accepting, loving and open-minded society.

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