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Blazing Your Own Trail - Why You Should Always Bet On Yourself

Uncover your power, bet on yourself, and forge new paths of self discovery. Celebrate International Women's Day with StereoType founder Elizabeth Brunner’s empowering journey and learn how betting on yourself transforms the impossible into  endless possibilities.

It’s challenging to forge a new path, take a leap without a net, or venture into the unknown. The road less traveled is often a lonely one where there’s not only no map, but the path can be so foggy that only one step at a time is possible. It’s a place I know all too well, and when I find myself on a new path with no one else in sight, I remind myself to breathe deeply, tune within, look for guidance along the way, and keep going. While the path may not be crystal clear, I know the guidance will appear as soon as I seek it out.

International Women's Day serves as a reminder that we are not alone on this journey.

It’s a day where we stand together, celebrating and honoring accomplishments while empowering and elevating women across the globe. It’s also a day to shine a spotlight on gender equality and inclusion while encouraging one another to take risks to forge new paths. Inclusion lies at the heart of gender equality because when we look for our reflection in others who have blazed the path before us, we create a sense of belonging and the courage to keep moving ahead. 

When I started StereoType, it was essential for me to find people who would help me nurture my new business, and it also meant I had to convince people why they should care as much as I do. In those fragile early days, when I started to tell others little by little what I was working on, I was lucky enough to find support from people with the qualities or advice I needed to see my vision through. Even though it was hard to let go and trust the unfamiliar, what I did know was that I didn’t hold the answers alone. It was a process of trusting that had to be developed, and including others in my vision was the only way to advance. Building an inclusive business means actively embracing the fact that all voices are heard and fostering a vibrant and innovative work environment.

While I’m still figuring out much of my own entrepreneurial journey, I can tell you that beyond creating a team to help me achieve my goals, above that, the best thing I ever did was bet on myself. Not because I had a strong sense of confidence and conviction, quite the opposite - I didn’t know what I would find on the other side of saying yes to myself, and that was the point. I was willing to discover what was beyond my perceived limits. I still have that curiosity. You have to go all in to find out. When I did, it gave me a tremendous sense of purpose and courage that would have been impossible to find out about myself had I not taken such a gamble. Does it mean success is guaranteed? No. Does it mean I won’t fail and fall flat on my face? That’s a hard no. What it does mean is that I am sure of myself and what I bring to the table in a way that I can face whatever challenge or celebration that lies around the corner.

To every woman reading this, I want you to know this: You hold within you an incredible amount of power – the power to bet on yourself. Go all in and embrace the parts of yourself just beneath the surface, waiting patiently for you. What is meant to be uncovered are the parts of yourself you thought were not enough. You are more than enough. Be curious about who you really are under the societal rules and constraints meant to keep you small. Choosing to bet on yourself is not a selfish act; it is the most selfless thing you can do. By embracing your worth and potential, you break free from expectations that don’t serve you or the highest version of yourself and begin to forge new paths of understanding who you truly are - which is powerful beyond your imagination.

Glimmers of confidence start to show up when you bet on yourself, turning the impossible into the possible. Betting on yourself is like telling the Universe that you’re ready to create from your highest potential, and the reply will always be - we’ve been waiting for you. Let’s go!

With Love,

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